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Fondue Tips & Techniques

Quick Cheese Fondue
Fondue is fun and delicious! The word "fondue" means "melted" in French and is cooked communally at the table in one pot. Here are a few tips and will that will help you have fun with fondue!

Fondue Equipment

  • Fondue pot (or pots, if you are making more than one kind). A fondue pot typically ranges in capacity from 2 cups to a quart. It stands on legs and includes a burner underneath the pot to keep the contents of the pot hot. It may or may not include a tray.
  • Metal or ceramic? Both! A metal (usually stainless steel) pot is used for meat and seafood while a stoneware or ceramic pot is for cheese and chocolate fondues.
  • Fondue forks. These stainless steel, two-pronged forks feature long handles that are usually color-coded in some way so that guests don’t get them mixed up. Bamboo skewers can be used instead of special fondue forks. (If using with meat or seafood fondue, soak the skewers in water about 20 minutes before using so as to prevent burning.)
  • Optional accessories. Fondue plates are compartmentalized to hold dunking items (such as meat, bread, veggies or fruit) and dipping sauces. Condiment holders are designed to hold various dipping sauces or other ingredients (such as nuts for dessert fondue).

Fondue How-To's

  • Heat fondue (cheese mixture, oil or savory broth, or chocolate mixture) in a heavy saucepan on the stovetop before carefully transferring to a fondue pot to keep warm.
  • Use fondue forks for dipping purposes only. Transfer dunked or cooked food to a plate before eating with a table fork. (Do not eat directly from the fondue fork.)
  • Provide a selection of dunkables, dipping sauces and dessert dip-in’s. Part of the fun of fondue is customizing each bite. With cheese fondue, offer bread sticks, pretzels, even thick vegetable slices as well as the traditional bread cubes. If making a main course fondue, provide a variety of meats like beef, lamb, pork or chicken and seafood such as peeled shrimp and sea scallops. Also offer a variety of savory dipping sauces. When serving chocolate fondue, offer dip-in’s such as nuts, toasted coconuts, chocolate chips, and sprinkles so that guests can add even more sweetness to their chocolate-coated piece of cake or fruit.

Fondue Recipes

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