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Breakfast and Brunch Videos

Expanding your morning menu? Click on our recipe videos for breakfast or brunch ideas that are quick and delicious.

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  • Ham and Cheese Frittata

    Make your next brunch one to remember by serving a Ham and Cheese Frittata. Our Ham and Cheese Frittata includes green peppers, cheese and green onions.

  • Bacon & Potato Egg Strata

    Cook bacon and potatoes in a skillet until crisp and tender (respectively), and you're well on your way to the cheesy egg strata of your dreams.

  • 'BLT' Cheesy Egg Bake

    Wake up with a smile knowing the 'BLT' Cheesy Egg Bake is on the menu. This cheesy egg bake subs spinach for lettuce, but it's still a BLT at heart.

  • How to Make Muffin Tin Cheesy Veggie and Egg Cups

    Watch our video to learn how to make Muffin Tin Cheesy Veggie and Egg Cups! These mini vegetable frittatas are full of colorful veggies & Parmesan cheese.

  • Ham, Egg and Cheese Brunch Sliders

    Make your next brunch one to remember with Ham, Egg and Cheese Brunch Sliders. These brunch sliders are perfect for celebrating any special occasion.

  • How to Make Banana Bread

    This cooking video will show you how to make banana bread. And not just any old banana bread but the best, moistest, most delicious banana bread ever!

  • How to Make the Perfect Omelet

    Learn how to make the perfect omelet in this quick-to-watch cooking video. See what you've been doing wrong, and how easy it is to get it right!

  • Jalapeño-Cheddar Cornmeal Pancakes

    Experiment with something different when you make our Jalapeño-Cheddar Cornmeal Pancakes. Topped with a spicy cream cheese spread, Jalapeño-Cheddar Cornmeal Pancakes pack a whole bunch of Tex-Mex flavor into a whole new dish. Try serving Jalapeño-Cheddar...

  • Make-Ahead Egg Bake

    Discover the magic of combining spinach, cheese and bacon for this Make-Ahead Egg Bake. This recipe is great for the week or weekend brunch!