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How to Cook Tuna Steak

Seared Tuna with Italian White Bean Salad

Get recipe: Seared Tuna with Italian White Bean Salad

Tuna is a delicious, flavorful fish that is equally as versatile. You can buy canned tuna to use in salads, pasta dishes and more, but learning how to cook tuna steak is a great way to add another simple recipe to your repertoire, and you’ll elevate your weeknight cooking game. Once you learn how to cook tuna in the skillet, you’ll be on the path to making restaurant-quality dishes for yourself and your family.

Buying Tuna Steaks

Shop for fresh, thicker-cut tuna steaks at the store. You can also look for some visual cues: avoid fish with dry or brown spots. Additionally, fish should smell like the ocean rather than a pungent, overly fishy odor (it will still smell like raw fish!). When you’re buying it, you’ll see that the tuna is already skinned, boned and portioned, so preparing it will be that much easier.

Cooking Tuna Steaks

When you’re getting ready to prepare the tuna, keep in mind that it dries out pretty quickly if you’re not careful. You won’t want to overcook the fish, or else it can become crumbly. Briefly cooking the tuna over high heat will help ensure that it stays intact and moist. Seasoning tuna with your favorite herbs, spices and citrus is a great way to prepare it, but you can also cook it with just a little salt and pepper.

A simple, go-to recipe for cooking tuna steak is:

  1. Season tuna steaks on both sides with spices, herbs, lemon and/or olive oil
  2. If desired, marinate tuna steaks for 15-30 minutes in seasonings
  3. Heat oil in large skillet on high heat
  4. Add fish; cook 3 minutes or until edges are white but centers are still pink, turning after 2 minutes

And that’s it! Add tuna steak to your favorite Niçoise salad, or enjoy it on a Seared Tuna with Italian White Bean Salad. You can also accompany it with steamed vegetables, potatoes, rice or any other side dish. You may also want to try your hand at Grilled Tuna Steak or Zesty Grilled Tuna with Fresh Tomato Salsa.