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How to Make Lasagna

How to Make Lasagna

Lasagna is just one version of Italian-style comfort food, all the more enjoyable because you can easily make a big pan and share it with your entire extended family. Learning how to make lasagna isn’t difficult; it’s just a pasta recipe that requires a few more steps.

We have many great lasagna recipes for you to choose from. While each is unique, they all have a few commonalities. Typically, pasta is cooked first, and then layered in a casserole with sauce and cheese and baked. The sauce variations are endless, and you can switch out the cheeses, too. Italian recipes tend to be more traditional, but lasagna can also be Mexican-style, with tortillas replacing the noodles.

Once you learn how to make lasagna, you’ll see how easy it is, and how convenient as a make-ahead dish. The quintessential potluck contribution, if you show up with a lasagna and a tiramisu, you’re the star at the party.

How to Make Lasagna Variations

  • Why use ground beef and a red sauce every time you make lasagna? For a change of pace, try one of the following twists the next time you prepare your favorite lasagna recipe:
    • Use BOCA Meatless Ground Burger instead of the browned ground beef.
    • Substitute a refrigerated Alfredo sauce or an easy-to-make homemade white sauce (béchamel) for your basic red pasta sauce. Click here for our Vegetable Lasagna recipe using a cheesy white sauce.
    • Add a thin layer of cooked zucchini or yellow squash slices between the layers of lasagna noodles
    • Spice it up! Add a dash of crushed red pepper, freshly ground black pepper, chili powder or ground red pepper (cayenne) to the meat sauce before layering it with the other ingredients.
  • Prepare a taco-style lasagna using flour tortillas instead of noodles. Try this recipe for Mexican Lasagna tonight.
  • Go meatless! For an delicious meatless lasagna, prepare our Eggplant Lasagna
  • For added flair, prepare a red-and-white lasagna by alternating layers of a traditional red pasta sauce with a white or Alfredo sauce and the remaining lasagna ingredients.

How to Make Lasagna Easier

  • Drain the cooked lasagna noodles, and then place them in a single layer on sheet of foil to prevent them from sticking together until you are ready to use them to assemble the recipe.
  • Broken noodles? It’s no problem. Use the broken pieces of cooked noodles as necessary to make each layer. Once the lasagna is baked, no one will notice!
  • Most lasagna recipes can be assembled ahead of time. Refrigerate up to 24 hours before baking as directed, increasing the baking time by 5 to 10 minutes, if necessary, until lasagna is heated through.
  • Short on time? Omit the pasta cooking step and prepare your lasagna using no-cook lasagna noodles. Look for them next to the regular lasagna noodles in the dry pasta section of your grocery store. Be sure to follow the directions on the package of the no-cook noodles for tips on how to adjust your recipe when using these convenient no-cook noodles.
  • To make serving the baked lasagna easier, allow the cooked lasagna to stand for at least 10 min. before cutting into squares to serve.
  • If the recipe calls for the lasagna to be covered while baking, spray the foil with cooking spray before using to cover the lasagna so the top layer of cheese won’t stick to the foil.