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How-To Videos

From cooking hacks to essential kitchen techniques we have a how-to video for you!

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  • How to Bake Bacon Video

    This cooking video shows you how to make the crispiest, easiest bacon ever! Once you bake bacon, you may never cook it on the stove top again!

  • How to Skin a Fish

    Look like a pro with our video on how to skin a fish. This video on how to skin a fish from Kraft Recipes will also show you how to check for bones.

  • How to Choose the Top 3 Knives for your Kitchen

    Chop. Slice. Pare. This helpful cooking video shows you how to choose the top three knives you'll need for a variety of kitchen tasks.

  • How to Clean Mushrooms

    Learn how to clean mushrooms the right way in this easy-to-follow cooking video, so you'll have clean, non-soggy mushrooms for soups, gravies and more.

  • How to Use an Instant Read Thermometer

    Learning how to use an instant-read thermometer for meat is more important than any recipe! Watch this 30-second cooking video to get the facts.

  • How to Juice a Lemon without a Juicer

    Learn how to juice a lemon effectively with this video from Kraft Recipes. This video explores how to juice a lemon when you don't have a juicer available.

  • How to Melt Chocolate

    Learn how to melt chocolate on the stove or in the microwave in this cooking video guide. Create memorable desserts once you know how to melt chocolate.

  • How to Ripen Avocados Quickly

    If you're a guac fan, you know there's nothing worse than a hard avocado! Watch this video to see how to get avocados to ripen more quickly.

  • How to Prepare a Mortar and Pestle

    This cooking video shows you how to prepare a new mortar and pestle for kitchen use. This step is essential for cleaning and seasoning purposes.