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Coffee for a Crowd

Coffee for a Crowd

Percolated Coffee

Whether you're planning a brunch, dinner or dessert gathering, coffee is key! If you're hosting over 25 people, use a large percolator. Many schools, churches and grocery stores have them on hand to lend or rent out.

Number of People Roast & Ground Coffe Amount of Water Required Brewing Device
10 1/2 cup 6-1/2 cups Traditional Coffee Maker
20 1 cup 6-1/2 cups to brew double strength, then add an equal amount of boiling water to serve Traditional Coffee Maker
30 2 cups (about 1/2 pkg.) 24 cups (added to a percolator)* Percolating Urn

*Percolator Directions: Fill coffee urn with water. Place coffee in basket. Turn machine on. Allow at least 1 hour to percolate. Light will turn on and percolator will stop automatically when coffee is ready.

Drip Coffee for a Crowd

Tips for Brewing the Best Coffee

Select the strength and flavor of MAXWELL HOUSE Coffee you prefer and follow our brewing instructions for perfect coffee every time!

  • Use fresh coffee.
  • Use freshly drawn cold water - filtered water works best.
  • Use brewer is free of lime buildup by running a pot of equal parts vinegar and water through the coffee maker, followed by a pot of water only to rinse.
  • Transfer coffee to a thermal carafe to maintain the coffee's flavor and texture.

How to Store...

After opening the new container of coffee, transfer coffee to a tightly sealed storage container and store in a cool dry place to ensure that the coffee maintains its full flavor characteristics.